The competition

The Close the tap video competition, whose access is free to charge and open to everyone, promotes the creation of effective and engaging videos focused on climate change.

The videos must be developed in accordance with the concept proposed in the 2024 edition, that is:

Energy: produce it better or consume less? Is this the dilemma?

Each work can be processed according to a Live action video or Animated video technique. The selection of the type of technique and style to be adopted is a free choice of the author.

The 3 winners will be selected by the 15th of July 2024: the first place will receive a prize worth € 1.500, the second prize equals € 600, and the third prize amounts to € 400. It will also be possible to set up an independent Special Jury Prize worth € 400.

How to participate

In order to apply to the competition it is necessary to fill in and send the application form by the 15th of June 2024 to, writing «Close the tap Award» in the subject.

Together with the application form, it is necessary to attach a brief written report which illustrates the methodologies and contents of the proposed video, and send the video (in .mp4 format, max 1,5 GB) through WeTransfer, or equivalent platform, to the address

It is possible to download the application form and the regulation here.

The steps of the competition

Step I

Make a video

Create a live action video or an animated video on the concept assigned.

Step I

Step II

Submit the video

Send your video by the 15th of June 2024 to, writing «Close the tap Award» in the subject.

Step II

Step III

Selection of the winners

The jury will evaluate the candidate videos and by the 15th of July 2024 will award a first prize of € 1.500, a second prize of € 600 and a third prize of € 400. A Special Jury Prize of € 400 may also be granted.

Step III